An excursion to Assisi is one of the full day tours of Tuscany in Italy we offer.This trip involves a visit to the green Umbria that nestles the world famous Assisi, the native town of Saint Francis.
Your excursion can be made memorable by visiting many world famous monuments, including the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. Assisi is a World Heritage Site today.
The upper and the lower churches were immediately begun after his canonization in 1228. They were completed in 1253. Frescoes by late-medieval artists like Giotto and Cimabue adorn the interiors of the Lower church and frescoes by Giotto depicting scenes from the life of Saint Francis can be seen in the Upper church. This is one of the most important places to visit during the tour.

Excursion To Assisi
Excursion to Assisi

Other important churches to visit during the tour are the Santa Maria Maggiore, which was the earliest extant church. The Cathedral of San Rufino that has a Roman fascia, a 16th century interior and with three rose windows. A part of this church was built on a Roman reservoir. Basilica of Santa Chiara has huge lateral buttresses and rose windows with simple Gothic interiors. It was begun in 1257 and contains the tomb of St. Clare and some 13th century paintings and frescoes. Bassilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli that houses the Porziuncola. There are two medieval castles that dominate the town. The larger one was built by Cardinal Albornoz in 1367, and is worth a visit during your vacation trip. Here are some more marvels to make your excursion exciting.

Temple of Minerva
This Assisi temple was built in the late Republican period during the 1st century. The temple was initially believed to be dedicated to Minerva but later discoveries led to the belief that it was dedicated to Hercules. Spend your holiday trip enjoying the splendid architecture in the temple of Minerva.

Palazzo Capitano del Popolo
This was the first public building built during 1212 and 1305 in the Piazza del Comune. The portico of the building contains the amount of silk, wool, linen, bricks and roof tiles used in the building, which is interesting and not to be missed during the tour.

Roman Amphitheatre
The remains of the Amphitheatre of the 1st century A.D. can be seen in the town quarter of Porta Perlici. A beautiful garden stands in the place of the former arena along with a travertine arch, the only remains of the historic structure.

2 persons : € 265 per person
4 persons : € 170 per person
6 persons : € 150 per person
8 persons : € 130 per person
16 persons : € 80 per person